Title National Institute of Environmental Research's Phycotoxin Analysis Method, Selected as ISO New Work Draft
AttachFile 17IS-24_National_Institute.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-09-07
Contents 1. Overview

- National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER, president Park Jin-Won) attached to Ministry of Environment (MOE) said that the test analysis method in the water quality and soil developed by domestic technology was proposed to the International Standard Organization (ISO)* at the end of last year and of them, phycotoxin analysis method was adopted as ISO new work item proposal (NP)**.
* ISO(International Standard Organization): Standard-related governmental·private institution of countries participates in as member and has one vote per country.
** NP(New work item Proposal): It refers to the new work item proposed to make it as international standard by ISO, and after this the experts from 5 countries or more led by the country proposed such work draft has participated and cooperated for 2-4 years and finally it was published as international standard.
- The phycotoxin analysis method adopted this time is a test method which can determine whether phycotoxin exists in the water within 20 minutes and see the exact algal concentration in the precise analysis stage and it can be utilized in predicting the water pollution incident and determining the optimum response tine.

For more information, see the attached file.
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