Title Ministry of Environment, Applied the Remote Green Algae Phenomenon Monitoring Technique Using Hyperspectral Imagery
AttachFile 17IS-38_Ministry_of_Environment(1).pdf  Date 2017-09-15
1. Overview
 - 2014 : Hyperspectral imagery monitoring for Korea domestic applicability assessed.(Uiam Lake, Han River)
 - 2015 : Image based  chlorophyll-a quantitative analysis technique developed and verified.
 - 2016 : Image based blue-green algae (phycocyanin) quantitative analysis technique developed and verified. (Nakdong River),
            Chlorophyll-a model improved.
 - 2015~2016 : New technique capable of quantitatively analyzing the concentration of blue-green algae (phycocyanin) from the images
                     taken through the blue green algaeunique spectral characteristic for those data actually measured in the Hapcheon-
                    Changneung Weir section of Nakdong River area developed enhancing the estimation accuracy.
   * 3 methods* for estimation of concentration developed, applied and compared with preceding methods(Inherent Optical Properties  
     Inversion Model, Peak Ratio Index, Genetic Algorithm-Partial Least Square).
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