Title DAESUNG TECH Co., Ltd.
AttachFile 17CEO-16_CEO_Interview_-_Daesung_Tech.pdf  Date 2018-04-06
1) Company Profile
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal
3) Overseas Project References
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile
- Company Profile
The emergence of industrial revolution and car obviously provided us with tremendous benefits, but we are now suffering from air pollution such as fine dust, smog, etc day after day. While we have been manufacturing and exporting automobile-related equipment since 1994, especially intensifying R&D of environmental equipment, as a result, we succeeded in localizing and developing automobile exhaust emission analyzer.
Securing quality talented personnel, we finished the development of eco-friendly urea solution injection system. We have more than 10 patents including 3-stage impacter for measuring diesel particulate. Continuing the export to nearly 30 countries in the world for 20 years, we are making best efforts as automobile inspection equipment specialist.
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