Title Hanaro Eng Co., Ltd.
AttachFile 17CEO-17_CEO_Interview_-_Hanaro_ENG.pdf  Date 2018-04-06
1) Company Profile
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal
3) Overseas Project References
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile
- Company Profile
Since foundation in 1998, Hanaro Eng Co., Ltd has produced·supplied incinerator and solid fuel boiler, and is working to produce and supply the product with excellent quality and function in the domestic environmental industry in order to make clearer, greener and cleaner environment with the ceaseless research and development. 
We have strived to the ceaseless research and technical development since the development of high performance furnace is required urgently along with rapid advancement of various kinds of industries and as a result, we has grown to be a company specialized in manufacturing high performance eco-friendly incinerator and air pollution preventive equipment.
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