Title JAIN Technology Co., Ltd.
AttachFile 17CEO-19_CEO_Interview_-_JAIN_technology_Co.,_Ltd..pdf  Date 2018-05-25
1) Company Profile
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal
3) Overseas Project References
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile
- Company profile
Corporate philosophy of 'JAIN' named after first two letter of Korean names of ‘Jayeon (nature)’ and ‘Ingan (human)’ lies in the creation of technology for nature and human.
JAIN is engaged in developing, producing and distributing the environmental instrument such as ultrasonic flowmeter·ultrasonic water meter and performs calibration test of flowmeter being KOLAS-approved.
JAIN is developing high-tech products such as "sniper location detecting system", "ultrasonic gas flowmeter", etc with the support from governmental agencies such as Defense Acquisition Program Administration, SMBA, Seoul government, etc.

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