Title ECONITY Co., Ltd.
AttachFile 17CEO-25_CEO_Interview_-_Econity_Co.,_Ltd..pdf  Date 2018-05-25
1) Company Profile
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal
3) Overseas Project References
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile
- Company Profile
ECONITY Co., Ltd founded in 1998 is a specialist in water treatment membrane who produces for itself, distributes the membrane for water treatment and provides its maintenance.
The water treatment membrane is being applied as key technology in all fields of water treatment such as reuse of sewage?waste water and water, water purification treatment, sea water desalination, etc. We provide the skilled and reliable engineering solution together with the product based on our long accumulated experience so that our separation membrane can be applied efficiently. In addition, we provide the customers with complete package including operation/maintenance(O&M) in the design and installation service rather than just producing excellent product.
Based on the technology of Korea's No. 1 market share in water treatment membrane and record, we are environment exporting company who competes in the overseas market such as USA, China, Malaysia.
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