Title Ecozone Co., Ltd.
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1) Company Profile  
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal   
3) Overseas Project References  
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile

- Company Profile
We were awarded the Grand Prize in September, 2013 in the field of reduction of detergent use and water protection of '2013 Korea Environmental Award'. This is the result of efforts which we have exerted ourselves to the technical development and popularization to protect water quality and promote national health for over 20 years.
Since foundation in 2011, ECOZONE has continued the intensive research to resolve the environmental problems which contaminate the water resources in the countries across the world because of abuse of detergent, and as a result developed the detergent replacement technique which can fundamentally algal bloom problem and has almost 10 patents. Presently, ECOZONE Co., Ltd is doing the promotion to replace the detergent being used in bulk at restaurants and schools and making efforts to further improve the current technology.

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