Title 3AC Co., Ltd
AttachFile 18CEO-2-3AC_Co.,_Ltd.pdf  Date 2018-11-14
1) Company Profile  

2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal   

3) Overseas Project References  

4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile

- Company Profile

 3AC Co., Ltd is acronym of Activated Carbon, Air Cleaner and Aqua Cleaner, and it is a venture business, INNOBIZ and excellent environmental industry-selected company who tries its best with the goal of top company in the environment developing and advancing the technology cleaning water and air.

Main products are activated carbon, dust collection filter, deodorizing filter, functional filter, etc and 3AC is supplying these product to the home and abroad leading companies. 

3AC has abundant knowledge and experiences making the air filter business and water purifying filter business as a key business, and has B2B system with many partners from the catalytic study and evaluation of filter characteristics, application to production. Based on this, we are using more efforts with the goal of growing as global company.

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