Title HANDOK ENG Co.,Ltd
AttachFile 8_CEO_Interview_-_Handok_ENG.pdf  Date 2018-02-13
1) Company Profile  
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal   
3) Overseas Project References  
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile

- Company Profile
Handok ENG Co., Ltd was found in 1992 and R&D-based technology intensive venture business. We are developing and popularizing the environmental technology in cooperation with university research institute of Seoul National University/Ulsan University/Chungbuk National University/Changwon University, etc and Green Environment Support Center in the Ministry of Environment, and were certified R&D center from SMBA in 2010.
At present, we are appointed as ISO9001, PMS, Main Biz, Venture Business, won ministerial prize from the Ministry of Trade, Infrastructure & Energy in 2016 and named as "Excellent Environment Business" in Korea from the Ministry of Environment in 2017.
We are applying our many patents to domestic major petrochemistry companies such as SK, SKC, LG Chemistry, Keumho Petrochemistry, Keumho P&B Chemistry, KPX Chemical, Lotte Chemical, S-OIL, Hyundai Oil Bank, OCI, etc , and recently we are expanding the export of our technologies to Chinese market.

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