Title Kyoungsung Industry
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1) Company Profile 
2) CEO's Environment Management Principle & Goal  
3) Overseas Project References 
4) On-hand Environment Technologies & Product Profile

- Company Profile
Kyoungsung Industry was founded in 1997 is specialized in manufacturing surface abrasives. Unlike the existing abrasives which are based on iron, Kyoungsung Industry's abrasives are featured with using the nonferrous metals such as aluminum, stainless, etc. In addition, Kyoungsung's product is eco-friendly product which is incorrodible, durable, dust-free and produces less industrial waste.

CEO Kim Kyoung-Jo developed a very small granulated form of ultrasmall ball nothing but 0.1mm for the first time in Korea and succeeded in its localization through continual research & development. Being recognized for this performance and technology, Kyoungsung is supplying to the preeminent automobile company such as Hyundai Motor Group, Kia Motor Group, Daerim Motor, etc. Aside from this success, we don't stop the research and development to provide the competitive products and services.

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