Company Machine & Technology CO.,LTD.
Address Headquarter Corporate R&D Center #307, 25, Gyewondaehak-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-31-356-6470 Fax 82-31-356-7640
E-mail mntech@mntech21.com
Homepage www.mntech21.com/eng/
Company Introduction

M & Tech mainly  operates as waste recycling company that focuses on engineering, fabrication, construction and operation such as automatic waste collection facility, automated waste collection system facility, MT/SRF facility, recycling screening facility, food waste treatment facility, incineration facility, hazardous material removal facility, machinery equipment construction as a waste recycling company. The company is growing up towards the professional level of both environment related business as well as research  where M & Tech's affiliated research institute itself has developed a numerous patents and designs. These are achieved  through the development for recycling of waste materials and energy technologies related various research projects
Main Products
1. Waste transfer facility: Auto Cleannet System

- Gravity transfer system without disruption of garbage bag when falling from high-rise

- The waste is automatically moved to the collection point using an underground  transport pipeline for sanitary and health hazard containment purpose.

2. Waste treatment facility: Compression Baler + Wrapping Machine

- PMM compressors can be used to compress almost any kind of compressible waste into a high-density bale

- Simultaneous operation of a 2-stage ram compressor and a wrapping machine combined with a powerful hydraulic system can provide up to 50% higher productivity gains

3. Waste recycling facility: MRF (Material Recovery Facility)

- It is designed to selectively separate collected household waste according to materials, size and color and then transfer them to the waste compressed or volume-reducing facility, which later producing recyclable materials after the final processing phase
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