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Company Introduction

Since establishment back in 1984, PNC has been operates on researching and developing various functional energy saving products such as Clean Filter System, Clean Room System and Clean Energy System. Currently the excessive energy used to power, heat and cool our homes as well businesses, industries facilities is the ultimate contributor to global warming that is happening worldwide. However,  developed energy efficiency technology has  allow us to consume less energy in order to get the same-or higher-level of production of output. With those kind of technology developed by PNC, With 30 years of business experience in environmental sector, PNC can provide  full package service which includes manufacturing, installation, sales and  follow-up management.
Main Products

1. Clean Filter System: EDM filters (Standard filter media (5㎛) )

- It is an excellent filter for collecting and reusing the cut chips mixed in water during electrical wire discharge process 

- Used in different large brand manufacturer such as MITSUBISHI, HITACHI FANUC, JAPAX and etc.

2. Clean Room System: AHU (Air Handling unit)

- It is installed in the air conditioner as a device that adjust the humidity and ventilation air volume in a room

3. Clean Energy System: ERV (Uenercell control system)

- Operates based on “Zero Energy House” concept where it filters the air that enter a certain facility and also removes the polluted air to outside of the facility.

- Fully interlocked with its own home network and building automation system

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