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Company Introduction

E & Instrument Co., Ltd was established back in 1994, specializing in manufacturing high quality indoor & outdoor air quality, biogas, meteorological measuring instruments. This company has exported for the first time to United Kingdom back in 2008 and has a wide connection of international partners from various countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

Main Products

1. Air quality measurement: Aerosol Monitor DUSTTRAK

- Comes in different models : 8530(Desktop), 8530EP(Desktop),  8532(Handheld) and are used in different field such as indoor and outdoor air quality measurement, dust concentration analysis,  aerosol analysis and etc.

- Available to set different measurements of PM10, PM 4, PM 2.5, PM1

- Automatically saves measurement data to a connected USB

2. Meteorological measurement : All-in one weather sensor

- Designed to measure the meteorological properties such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and etc.

- Has built n compass that will help automatically aligning the wind direction to user’s north for convenience measurement

3. Bio gas measurement: Biogas 5000 (CH4, CO2, 02, H2S, NH3, CO)

- Designed  for specifically measuring CH4, CO2, O2, H25 NH3, CO element concentration in biogas and mainly used in  measurement of gas from bio-organic waste,  land fill gas, gas from waste water treatment plant and etc.

- Maximum measurement accuracy (± 0.5%) and response time (≤10)
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