Company Boosung Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address 427-17 Cheongcheon-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon 403-858, Korea
Tel 82-32-505-0741 Fax 82-32-505-0743
E-mail info@boosungeng.com
Homepage www.boosungeng.com
Company Introduction

Boosung Engineering Co. Ltd was established back in 1986 and with 30 years fo experience has  opened a new era of Waste-Heat-Recovery product technology by developing their own brand; E-SAVER®. E-SAVER® works by effectively recycling heat through heat pumping system and widely being applied for the purpose of  gravure printing, dry laminating and coating drying processes. Through years of development and research in heat recycling area,  this company is now in possession of more than 10 patents & certifications  such as confirmation of specialized green enterprise, certificate of green technology, environmental management system certification and etc.  

Main Products

1. Drying Measurement Devices

- Operates as FMS + air volume & temperature measurement sensor where it measures average velocity pressure in the duct (Degree of precision : ±0.35%)

- May also be used as supply and exhaust air balance sensor that usually comes in digital type where it has the precision of about ±0.2mmAq

2. Main Control Panel (Cabinet Style) & Touch Panel for HMI

Designed to control the  drying conditions (air volume, temperature, exhaust)

- Controls the drying quality/condition for every working hours by constantly inspecting the drying volume of each product, avoid using excessive energy by setting it up to the perfect drying condition and built manually easy to be reset if needed

3. Systematic Dryer Control

- Operates as heat air(air volume/temperature) controller with an alarm system notifying whenever there is a decreasing of air volume

- Possesses about ±3CMM for air volume measurement and ±0.5℃ for temperature measurement
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