Company ShinHwa ENG., LTD
Address 90, Gahyeon-ri, Tongjin-myeon, Gimpo city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Tel 82-31-984-4815~6 Fax 82-31-984-4817
Homepage www.aquasofty.com/eng
Company Introduction

Since the establishment back on 1979, Shinhwa ENG has been focusing on the researching & development of domestic water treatment industry, with the goal of supplying healthy and clean water for everyone. With about 30 years of experience and know-how, Shinhwa ENG has succeed in developing product line of advanced water purifying equipment which are used in both industrial as well as household area.

Main Products

1. Household Water Purifier : Sangoeul Water Purifier (UV Sterilizier)

- It helps purifying the water through UV sterilization unlike using chemical disinfectant, the output is usually chemical, taste and odor free.

- Involves  various water purification steps according to filter selection (UV sterilizer + reverse osmosis, UV sterilizer + UF method)

2. Alkali Ionized Water Purifier : Electrolysis Alkali Reduction Water Purifier

- Designed to purify water through electrolysis process which can be used for commercial purposes such as in restaurants, shopping complexes and etc.

- Operates under the brand named “Human Elis” where they come in three different models (HM-203, HM-6000, HM-7000) with different properties despite the slight difference in size

3. Industrial Water Treatment : Water Softener System

- Used to transforms hard water to soft water by utilizing ion exchange reaction of strong acidic cation to remove specific  element such as calcium, magnesium, iron and etc.

- This indirectly helps in prolonging the life span and efficiency of especially pipeline products
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