Company Yoosung Envitech Corp.
Address #501, Terra Tower A, Songpadae-ro 167, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-2-2054-3522 Fax 82-2-2054-3523
E-mail ysevt21@hanmail.net
Homepage www.ysiaq.com
Company Introduction

Yoosung Envitech Corp.  was founded in 2001 with the aim of improving the indoor air quality by researching and developing efficient duct collection as well as energy-saving air filtering products. The first factory was built 6 years after that which lead to production of various air cleaning product line. Also, this company possesses more than 10 environment related certificate and patents such as ISO9001, ISO14001, patent for odor removal equipment, patent for hybrid air filter and etc.

Main Products

1. Rotation Type Deodorizing Washing Filter

- It can operate on low energy consumption, so it has the advantage of saving more cost

- Even input that comes in mixed odors (gas particle) can be efficiently removed

- This product can be applied in both industrial & commercial of fields such as sewage treatment, garbage disposal site, hotel, restaurants, hospitals and etc.

2. Wet Scrubber System

- It is designed as an effective air pollution control devices for removing particles and gases from industrial exhaust streams including harmful gases.

- Consist of multistage nozzle system that helps maximizing the efficiency of the whole operation

- This product can be used for various applications such as removing odor from food waste disposal facility, garbage disposal site, industrial harmful gas site and etc.

3. Vibration Type Ultra Fine Particle Collector

- It is made with specially designed vibration filter that helps removing ultra-fine dust

- Mainly used in subways, tunnel, sewage treatment facility and etc.
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