Company PLUSENG Co., LTD.
Address #720, Ilsan Techno Town, Ilsan-ro 138, Ilsan-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-31-972-8092 Fax 82-31-972-8090
E-mail pluseng2010@naver.com
Homepage www.pluseng.net
Company Introduction

Established back in 2009,  PLUSENG Co., LTD. operates as renewable energy equipment manufacturer for both hardware and software. This company possesses about at least 1.6 Billion Won capital investment (based on 2015) as well as one manufacturing factory outside of Seoul, the capital area. PLUSENG co. Ltd  installs renewable energy facilities such as housing, building and regional support projects, commercial power generation systems (RPS project) and installation mandatory projects. Apart from that, they also provides electrical work and manufacturing (photovoltaic) services for their customers. 
Main Products

1. Monitoring : DC Connection Panel Monitoring System

- Consists of various configuration types;  Stand-alone type,  wall type, and etc.

- It’s exterior part is made of aluminium which helps to it to operate last longer and more environmentally friendly

- The enclosure and mounting pins parts are also made of 100% aluminium which helps improving its heat dissipation, moisture proof and dustproof ability 

2. Inverter : Grid-connected Type Inverter

- It is connected to the commercial electricity grid where the electricity obtained by solar panel will be supplied to the load first and remaining feeds will be passed to the commercial electricity grid (one can adjust the load to control the amount of feeds to commercial electricity grid)

- It may be applied in various fields such as solar power plants, public institutions and even small solar houses

3. Connection Board

- It operates by transferring the DC Voltage produced  by several solar cell module  to the inverter

- It’s closure especially is built with aluminium to minimize any external risk factors such as dust, moisture and excess heat generation

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