Company E&H Co., Ltd.
Address #701, 27, Seongsui-ro 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-2-323-3385 Fax 82-2-323-7785
E-mail info@eandh.co.kr
Homepage www.eandh.co.kr/en
Company Introduction

Established back in 1973 as a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing solar energy company related products. E&H Co., Ltd. came to grow into the best professional enterprise in Korea by taking the lead in distribution and diffusion of new and renewable energy. Since the beginning, this company has been actively distributing various photovoltaic generating equipment to both domestic and overseas markets. It also has greatly improved the efficiency of PV generation by thorough researches  and developments of new products such as solar light micro-inverter and i-Sun monitoring system & incoming/distributing panels.

Main Products

1. Mini Solar Power System : Mini PV Reduce Electricity Rate by Using Plug

- Consist of grid interconnected type for which battery is not needed and utilizes socket in the house as grid interconnection point

- Currents generated from conversion of electron at solar panel can be used together with the grid current that enter the household hence saving electricity cost.

2. Micro-inverter : i-SUN Solar Cell Inverter

- Operate  as a power converter that supplies electric power to common grid as well as independent grid by converting DC current of solar module to a stable AC current

- It is built for easy installation where it can be used both indoor and outdoor with improved conversion of 15% more than the existing system

3. Energy Storage System : ESS for I = Industrial Scale (50 kW/100kW)

- Designed for the purpose of small scale electric energy storage & supply device based on technically optimized battery control system where it stores electricity when demand is less and only supply them around peak time

- It also uses the power stored by the receptor system during unexpected blackout or  peak time zone when the rate is very expensive
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