Company KC Cottrell
Address 12F Digital Cube, 34, Sangamsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-2-3206-114 Fax 82-2-3206-100
E-mail kisuh@kc-cottrell.com
Homepage www.kc-cottrell.com/kc/web/eng/main/
Company Introduction

KC Cottrell was established back in 1973 and from the vey beginning have been specializing in air pollution plants field. The company provides dust collecting and desulfurization equipment for large-scale power plants throughout the world, as well as a range of services that includes management of ash-handling systems, design and commissioning, offering a clean working environment at many power plants with an ash-handling (or gas-cleaning) system, new and renewable energy systems. 

Main Products

1. Ash Handling Systems

- Bottom Ash handling system works by first temporarily  stores slag and ash falling from the furnace in the bottom ash silo. They are then sent to the ash pond using a hydro ejector. Alternatively, a submerged drag chain conveyor or dry ash extraction conveyor will transport bottom ash to bottom ash silo for ash recycling.

- Fly Ash Handling System works by using air from the blower or air compressor to transport ash to the ash silo via ash transport pipe line.

2. Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization(FGD)

- Limestone is the most widely applied sorbent in the world. This process shows high de-SOx efficiency and its byproduct can be supplied as a resource to other industries.

- High SOx removal efficiency of about 99% with low operating cost

3. Hybrid Module Type Precipitator

- It is a new technology that embodies the performance of high-efficiency dust collectors with conventional dust collector cost. 

- Achieved emission concentration below 5mg/m

- Installation of facilities cost around 60% less than a usual high-performance dust collector

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