Company PNI Human Korea Co. Ltd
Address 1411, Terra Tower A, 167, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-2-6426-3122 Fax 82-2-6426-3124
E-mail pnihumankorea@hanmail.net
Homepage www.pnihuman.com/main/main.php
Company Introduction

PNI Human Korea Co Ltd. was established back in 2005 and from the very beginning has been specializing in radial initial processing facility field. The company provides a full range of water initial filtration systems and devices, and has developed a variety of product models, using outstanding technologies. The company’s combined experience in manufacturing such systems exceeds 14 years and has achieved notable accomplishments in many aspects of environment related technologies. The company has obtained over 30 certificates for outstanding performance and quality of its products.

Main Products

1. P&I Curtain Wall

- The facility processes contaminants by forming screen and vortex in a radial flow of water from the center to the edge with a high velocity. The pollutants are treated by forming multiple layers of fiber filter media at the edge where the flow section becomes wider and the flow rate becomes slower

- Its simplicity of screen system, economical efficiency of filter system, and easy maintenance makes it a perfect device applicable for pollutant treatment and processing

2. Green Shell

- This product technology was designed for processing various kinds of non-point pollutants through coarse screen (removing contaminants over 8mm) and detail screen (removing debris more than 3mm)

- This facility has an excellent removal of sedimentation and floating pollutants with relatively low installation cost compared to its processing capacity. It is also applicable as a pretreatment facility in a reservoir

3. Green Trench

- This system processes water in various steps starting from pretreatment stage (sedimentation, screen), filtration of main source and removal of residual pollutants

- It is a new technology with an increased treatment efficiency achieved through filtration and infiltration, ensuring convenience of maintenance and stable operation performance

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