Company Vinna macro
Address 469-5, Jangdeok-dong, Hwaseong-si, 445-130, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-31-355-0233 Fax 82-31-355-4430
E-mail vinna80@naver.com
Homepage www.vinna.co.kr/en/index.html
Company Introduction

Vinna macro has been established in 2000 and in that same year it signed a contract with Hitachi Machine (Japan) to deliver manure treatment equipment for livestock. Over the years, the company supplied many farms and factories in Japan and South Korea with similar equipment. In 2008, Vinna macro has fou an annex research center and has been certified as a techno-innovative SME Innobiz. The company has also acquired a ISO 9001 certification.

Main Products

1. Wood Pellet Boiler (VPB)

- Wood pellets are a form of energy that is gained from organisms and   circulates in nature. Wood pellet boilers do not increase the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere, therefore they are considered low-carbon green growth products that place lower burden on the environment than fossil fuels.

- High thermal efficiency thanks to a 3-path heat exchanger

- High combustion efficiency thanks to a burner that prevents clinkers

2. Dehydrator (water treatment)

- Zero failure due to low-speed rotation and simple structure

- A specially-made strainer with wedge wires offers great dehydrating power due to big pores

- The water contents rate of separated solids is adjustable

3. Solid and Liquid Separator (Livestock manure)

- Low power, noise and vibration

- A simple structure with no failure and easy for maintenance

- Consist of a compact form where it can be installed in small areas
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