Company ACI Chemical
Address #1310, Seoul Forest IT Valley, 77, Sungsuil-ro, Sungdonggu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-2-6213-6210 Fax 82-2-6213-6216
E-mail info@acichemical.com
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Company Introduction

ACI Chemical was established in 2004. This company operates as a distributor and dealer providing all marketing services for petrochemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical products of different ranges around the world. It also deals with environmental engineering products for waste treatment and recycling, particularly, engineering, production, installation, operation and after service. With its worldwide sales network, this company works with such machinery as MBT(Mechanical Biological Treatment), MRF(Material Recovery Facility), SRF(Solid Recovered Fuel), WEEE(Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), BioSRF (Bio Solid Recovered Fuel) and other waste treatment machines and systems.

Main Products

1. PET Bottle Piercer

- With the use of rotating knives, this equipment is designated to perforate PET bottles in a simple and safe way with the implication of proximity sensors and inspection/maintenance hatches. 

- Its holding and cutting knives are made of a special type of steel to process PET bottles of different sizes efficiently. These replaceable knives do not require high maintenance cost and are easy to maintain. 

2. Optical Sorting Machine - MISTRAL+

- This waste separation system uses optical technologies (NIR/VIS) and an induction principle for sorting various types of waste material, such as plastic, metal, paper, textile and wood simultaneously.

- It includes the new cooling system based on Vortex tube (maintenance free) as well as satisfies IP65 standards under wet and dusty conditions.

3. Size Separator - ACI Bar Vibrator

- Using the vibration sorts the input materials according to size and functions mainly to supply only large-sized waste. Contains a vibrating bar screen, which is also replaceable, to minimize clogging and increase efficiency.

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