Company Aerix Co., Ltd.
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Company Introduction

AERIX Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976. The company is providing One-Stop environmental solutions for general air quality, including equipment engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Over the years, Aerix has partnered with POSCO, Hitachi and Asia PLANTEC, in order to provide the best possible solutions for its customers. The company has been granted various type of awards from Korean government, as well as certifications, such as ISO 18001 and 9002 and others.

Main Products

1. IoT Smart Dust Collector (iSDC)

- The Standalone Gateway Control system independently operates each dust collector’s control system even on a network connection failure.

- Operation changes, control standards and control algorithm parameters of each dust collector are applied to each gateway through the server by a manager utility.

2. IoT Room Air Management System (iRAMS)

- Compares external temperature/humidity and analyzes big data from temperature trends, which allows selective operation and provides optimum temperature.

- Cost saving due to control of operation efficiency time by remote control of air-conditioning and heating system

- Real-time data analysis and Error monitoring.

3. IoT Steam Trap Monitoring System (iSTMS)

- Quickly detects faults in the steam trap and sends notifications to the monitoring & managing personnel to minimize energy waste

- Real-time diagnosis of the condition of individual steam straps with ultrasonic sensors

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