Company AIRTECH 21 Co., Ltd
Address 23-30, Ojeong-ro 71beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-32-684-0880 Fax 82-32-684-0990
E-mail webmaster@airtech21.co.kr
Homepage www.airtech21.co.kr/?lang=en
Company Introduction

AIRTECH21 was established back in 2000 and since then has been contributing to creating a safe and clean operational environment by producing the best precipitator driven with a clear vision, in which a clean and safe operational environment without harmful substances is the foundation for the health of individuals and the social peace. Now, AIRTECH 21 develops technologies such as high-efficient filter, highly advanced precipitation method, etc. and exports various products to different countries.

Main Products

1. Roof Fan 

- Low-noise operation is realized which is an urgent problem of high efficiency and power ventilation by developing and selecting SIROCCO-TYPE light weight Impeller producing method. 

- Strong CHANNEL structure and ultra-light weight design minimizes the load on a building enabling the installation of VENTILATOR with high-volume wind, 


- Intake and forcibly exhaust harmful gases to human body occurring in relatively small range of operations such as welding line. 

- Protects the health of operators and helps contribute to a fresh operational environment. 

- Does not need a separate space for the installation, so it has excellent space utilization because it is not interfered during operation

3. Smoking Table

- Based on AIRTECH21’s technology, particles size of less than 0.01μ can be purified effectively. 

- If polluted indoor air is inhaled into CLEAN AIR SYSTEM smoking table, hazardous air is collected to release fresh air through double step charging type electrostatic precipitation method

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