Company Jungil Superior & Technical Co., Ltd.
Address 155, MTV 1-Ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-city, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-70-4349-4783 Fax 82-31-319-4781
E-mail globaljst@gmail.com
Homepage www.jst-jungil.co.kr/en/index.php
Company Introduction

Established in 2002, JST Co. Ltd has been known as a leading waste-to-energy solution provider with its innovative engineering design, revolutionary products related to solid refuse fuel plant equipment, such as shredder, fine shredder and RDF pellet mill. The company also provides SRF production plants, landfilled waste reduction and SRF production plant.

Main Products

1. Dual shaft hydraulic shredder - Pre-Shredder "Sh-Rex"

- Applicable for various recycling wastes such as daily waste, industrial waste, woods and plastic waste.

- Contains a unique cutter shape, which promotes shredding objects into small and uniform particles less than 300 mm.

2. Single shaft vertical rotation striking type - Vertical Shredder "Rhino"

- The first vertical shredder developed in South Korea and designed exclusively for objects of large weight such as recycling of home appliances.

- Operates under a high-speed rotation using impurity-discharging system to efficiently shred large size waste.

3. Electric Shredder - Two Axis Electric Shredder

- Maximizes torque utilizing low-speed rotation and optimizes durability by removing impurities through forward and backward rotation.

- Continuous shredding : adjustable rotation speed of the driving force.

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