Company Kookjegisan Co., LTD
Address 58, Dasan-ro 176beon-gil, Saha-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-51-266-3700 Fax 82-51-265-7500
E-mail gk3700ok@hanmail.net
Homepage www.eco-kj.com/
Company Introduction

Kookjegisan was established in 1992 as Deokwoong Machinery and operated in specialized construction machinery equipment business. In the next several years it had expanded its business to water quality environmental engineering, design and construction business for private sewage and wastewater treatment plant as well as deodorant manufacturing. Nowadays this company builds sustainable environmental systems by installing and constructing wastewater treatment plants, providing consignment management, as well as air environment design and construction consulting.

Main Products

1. Water Environment Equipment - Automatic Sludge Collector

- Prevents sludge from settling as the scraper transfers the sludge automatically. 

- Rapid treatment of sludge in the sedimentation basins eliminates the need for dredging. With a 1.2 m / min collection speed it also promotes lower maintenance costs.

2. Atmosphere Equipment - Bio Trickle Filter System Deodorizer

- Consists of environmentally friendly organic and inorganic composite materials (zeolite and polyethylene). 

- Suitable for removing complex odor gas components due to efficient biofilm formation.  

3. Water Environment Equipment - Rotary Screener

- Lifts several rakes connected to chains from the lower part of the center screen to remove contaminants. The upper part is a device for dropping the contaminants collected by the inclined guide plate made of stainless steel sheet on the conveyor.

- Makes it possible to lift a large amount of contaminants at a time and easily copes with heavy rain during rainy season.

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