Company SS Ecotech Co., Ltd.
Address 966-1, Hogye 1-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-31-427-9550 Fax 82-31-427-9558
E-mail sseco465@hanmail.net
Homepage www.ssecotech.co.kr/

Company Introduction

SS Ecotech Co., Ltd , a environmental management enterprise established in 2002, is specializing in environmental design and has acquired patents related to technology for developing a range of water treatment and related equipments. These include various treatment plant effluents for disinfection of sewage and wastewater, sludge and debris treatment equipment as well as conveyors and other facilities.

Main Products

1. Trough-type UV Sterilizer

- Offers automatic output of an ultraviolet lamp without additional UV transmission device, maximizing the disinfection of discharge effluent water.

- Provided with a UV module, touch screen, automatic cleaning system, automatic water level controller and a UV monitoring system.

2. Sludge Storage Equipment - SILO

- Fitted with a separate sludge discharge facility for smooth discharge and prevention of solidified sludge, it was designed to temporarily stock up sludge resulting from sewage and wastewater treatment before the discharge.

- This environmentally friendly equipment is a great solution for serious environmental issues related to odor or leachate.

3. Odor Removing Equipment - Bio Filter

- Applicable for biological deodorization, contains a two step control system connected with a humidifying chamber and the body of deodorization equipment.

- Using environment-friendly processed cork filter media suitable for microbial inhabitants, this equipment is designed to change deodorizing filter media into inodorous gas.

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