Company Poongsan Environment Technology Corporation
Address Suseong-gu Dalgubal-ro 471-gil 8, Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-53-267-5358  Fax 82-53-267-8532
E-mail yw97@chol.com
Homepage www.pstech.kr
Company Introduction

Poongsan Environment Technology Corporation have always focused on research and development of new technologies with the goal of implementing the best quality and best service. We have achieved the best customer satisfaction by implementing the perfect construction and service based on the KSA/ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the 14001 Environmental Management System.

Main Products

1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

- Airflow pattern control technology is a next-generation large space air conditioning system, that reduces the temperature deviation of an indoor space (like stadiums, factories etc.) and reduces the air conditioning [reheating time by changing the direction angle of the air circulation according to the season.

- It maximizes the thermal comfort of the user and saves energy.

2. Heat Pump Cooling and Heating System

- Cooling water supply temperature can be adjusted by the wire remover according to the customer’s demand

- Free module connection, up to 320HP combination is possible

- Modular design with flexible combination, simple installation and easy maintenance

3. Radiation Panel (Remote Outside Type) : SUNRGB

- SUNRGB is a radiant heating system that uses the principle of radiation from the sun and transmits the heat directly to objects or people without heating the air.

- It is environment-friendly, energy-saving, it accelerates the growth of plants and it creates a far-infrared radiation effect.

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