Company Hanbit EDS Co., Ltd
Address 44-10 Techno 10-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Chungcheongnam-do, 305510, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-42-862-5882  Fax 82-42-932-9624
E-mail sales@hanbiteds.co.kr
Homepage www.hanbiteds.co.kr/eng
Company Introduction

Hanbit EDS Co., Ltd. Was founded as the spin-off system of the Korea Electric Power Corporation in 1999, and has pursued the development and marketing of the monitoring and diagnosing systems for power equipment as its main business. The company has developed “Grounding resistance meter on the power service”, which is the first in the world and possesses technology of a measuring meter and a power stabilizing device, as well as GIS, an arrester, a power transmission diagnosis device and a power transmission line monitoring system. Also, it has contributed to power facility safety, based on rich experiences in diagnosis services for the failure of power facilities.

Main Products

1. Wireless Portable GIS PDMS

- W-PGDS is the world’s first Wi-fi diagnostic PD system. HanbitEDS innovative system transmits PD signals gathered from UHF sensors to Analyzing Unit seamlessly and securely.

- W-PGDS consists of 4 Wi-fi modules. Each Wi-fi module is embedded with one noise sensor. It enables to eliminate the environmental noise precisely.

2. Transformer Diagnostic System with DGA

- ToSDS measures moisture and dissolved hydrogen gas level in Power Transformers. The measurement is the key to incipient errors detection. This device monitors the trend data of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, acetylene and ethylene and diagnoses the condition of the transformer.

- Communication protocol can be customized upon customer’s request. 


- The power quality data acquisition system offers power quality data in real-time to both the operator and user when abnormal voltages and currents occur in the power system.

- The operator is able to monitor power quality at any time via Internet and can identify the cause of accident through an analysis of the waveform during the history of the error, as well as ensure a sustainable power quality data.

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