Company TSP BioChem
Address D201 Venture Center, ETECHHIVE, 410, Jeongseojin-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon 22689, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-507-081-4508 Fax 82-507-081-4508
E-mail egurnard@gmail.com
Homepage www.en.tspbiochem.com

Company Introduction

TSP BioChem Co., Ltd was established in 2017 and specializes in development and supply innovative facilities and technologies to promote the use of new eco-friendly bio chemical materials and provide a total solution for new eco-friendly chemical materials including raw materials, new materials, production facilities, and production technologies. Using recycled paper, as well as some other bio-materials including starch, this company produces new bio material with zero carbon emissions, without generating a harmful chemical gas while foaming (CO2 reduction material).

Main Products

1. EcoMother-L (circular shape) and EcoMother-F (foam shape)

- Produced with an eco-friendly non-gas extruding expandable technology  using base pellets, processed with EcoRecell, polyolefine resin, and additives.

- Eco-friendly product made of functional natural cellulose, and has an outstanding buffer, insulation, and aesthetic properties. 

- Widely used for buffer materials and packaging materials. 

2. Micro and Nano Refining (Powder) - EcoRecell

- A powdered bio material; it is produced by refining cellulose polymers, obtained from various natural cellulose polymers including coffee, sugar cane, and rice bran

- Special Properties of Natural Bio-Cellulose Polymer Depending on its color, crystallinity, aesthetic, degradability, and others, it can be assigned with various properties so they can be used as additive for diverse application fields.

- Contains such main ingredients as cellulose (waste paper), coffee sludge, sugar cane, corn leaves, rice bran, sawdust.

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