Company MEURER Asia Inc.
Address #903 Gwangyang-Doosan Venturedigm, 250, Hagui-ro, Dongang-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Ko
Tel 82-31-596-6251 Fax 82-31-425-8254
E-mail flower@meurerasia.com
Homepage www.meurerasia.com
Company Introduction

Meurer Asia Inc. is an exclusive provider of clarification equipment based on the U.S. patented water treatment technology. Established in 2004, this company supplies high performance equipment to municipal and industrial treatment plants to meet critical water and wastewater standards. While maintaining an excellent delivery performance domestically working with such projects as LG Electronics and Samsung Display, the company has expanded its operations in Southeast Asia. Some of its main products include plate settlers, sludge collectors and tube settlers.

Main Products

1. MRI High Capacity Inclined Plate Settler 

- Compact, powerful, reliable drive for underwater sludge collector.

- Composed of top support/outlet tubes, MRI’s unique flow control deck extracts clarified water evenly across the plates and distributes it evenly into the effluent troughs

2. MRI Hoseless Cable-Vac Sludge Collector

- Increases solids removal and overcomes issues found with other sludge collectors.

- Ensures even flow-distribution in any length basin with the patented Flow Control Device located inside the body of the Hoseless Cable-Vac.

3. MRI Integrated Tube Settler

- Have a patented support system that creates a vertically compact structure, which ensures maximum clearance for sludge removal equipment.

- Constructed of high-strengths stainless steel tubing, the members are welded into a framework which results in a durable, lightweight structure, weighing a fraction of conventional steel beams.

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