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Address 3rd Floor, Cheongyong Building, Bulim-ro 182, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-31-423-2973 Fax 82-31-423-2974
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Homepage www.ntds.co.kr/bin/minihome/index.html?seq=4005

Company Introduction

Established in 2001 Dongyang Environment specializes in the production of  water and sewage treatment facilities, technological development. The company offers a range of water treatment products such as nonpoint source reduction procedure,  rainwater management system, Combined Sewer Overflow System and stormwater improvement system and sewer system. This engineering company has acquired a number of new excellent technology certifications, patents and registrations which can be checked on its website. 

Main Products

1. Rainwater Management System

- Using rainwater promotes water resource conservation, alleviate healthy water circulation, reduces heat island effect.

- Secures water resources by infiltrating rainwater, prevents flooding during heavy rains. 

2. Drain Pipe Multi Socket

- Provides an easy and simple installment due to the use of steel band, as well as easy joining between different tube types.

- Perfect pipe junctions and rubber parts ensure water tightness and leakproof.

3. Ecocab

- Using air pressure this automatic backwash system is a compact and economic excellent solution compared to other types of equipment.

- Operates backwashing through passing the treated water from the upper part of the filter in the opposite direction. Successfully passed a performance test upon a request of an external agency.

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