Company Korea Green Energy Co., Ltd.
Address 1st floor, 712, Daejong-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon-si, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-42-223-0178 Fax 82-42-223-0175
E-mail greeneng0178@naver.com
Homepage www.kogreen.co.kr
Company Introduction

Established in 2011, Korea Green Energy specializes in the production and installment of solar power plants with photovoltaic modules. The company offers a wide range of solar power modules: adjustable panels, cable solar power, ground process type panel, roof type, slab etc. The company has successfully completed numerous power plant construction projects. 

Main Products

1. Cable Solar Power

- It produces electricity and heat regardless of weather and season and can be 

- Applied for heating hot water by utilizing the generated heat.

- The power generation efficiency is 30-40%, additionally, 80% of power can be generated by cogeneration.

2. Solar Power Panel (Roof Type)

- The water-based photovoltaic structure, which combines high-strength forcemac  and eco-friendly buoyancy, is economical and robust due to the use of light weight materials.

- Floating type solar panel which does not require valuable land space for installation.

3. Adjustable Solar Panel

- An adjustable type of solar panels which increases the power life efficiency by about 15%, compared to the fixed type.

- The panel’s frame is made of Forcemac. All commercially available modules can be settled and have a frame designed for easy maintenance and angle   adjustment.