Company Sejin Future & Global
Address 1F, 24, Saegumjeong-ro 4-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-2-3210-3714 82-31-975-3714 Fax 82-2-6919-2117
E-mail khwu@sejinfng.com, sejinfng@gmail.com
Homepage www.sejinfng.com
Company Introduction

Sejin Future & Global operates in the following business areas: chemical raw materials and products, special equipment, film production supplies & special effects. Manufacturing and importing and exporting eco-friendly and chemical  raw materials and products, as well as special-use electronic components and cables. The company also offers a wide range of artificial snow, dust, blood, color powder and other products for special effects used in movie production and festivals. 

Main Products

1. Special Fire Fighting Equipment - Grenade Gun Launcher

- Non-explosive (compressed air or CO2), can be attached to an existing equipment. Has a long range of shots, therefore, providing protection for fire-fighters.

- Effective fire extinguishing under constrained situations where helicopters may not dispatch.

2. Eco-friendly Buffer - Corn Starch Foam

- Excellent shock absorption and excellent cushioning function. It has a property of melting when moisture is on the surface, so it is used for various art tools or production materials.

- Does not involve the production of hazardous substances while burning or melting. Made from vegetable corn starch, harmless to human body.

3. Artificial Snow - Corn Starch Snowflakes

- Widely used for shooting special effects in various movies and dramas.

- An eco-friendly material that is harmless to humans. Provides an easy treatment after use and does not generate any toxic or carcinogenic substances even when disposed.

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