Company JH Energy
Address 13-26, Bukhang-ro 120 beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-32-573-5570 Fax 82-32-623-5495
E-mail jh-e@jh-e.co.kr
Homepage www.jhenergy.egreef.kr/sub_eng

Company Introduction

Established in 1997, JH Energy Co., Ltd. has became a strong enterprise in the integrated energy business through constant innovations of techniques. The company operates in the regeneration energy business from design, supervision, to construction of power facilities for various applications. Some of the main products include grid-connected photovoltaic system, mounting, building integrated photovoltaic system etc. 

Main Products

1. Mini Photovoltaics System

- The mini-solar support project is provided by the government and local governments to supply mini-solar power generation facilities for apartments, villas, and houses with low electricity consumption (joint / single), which are difficult to install on the rooftop.

- Connect to an outlet in your home in a battery-free way, allowing easy connection with KEPCO and grid.

- The generated electricity is sent to the load (TV, refrigerator, etc.) along with electricity from the KEPCO grid through the electricity generation meter, and reduces electricity charges by receiving less electricity from the general electricity (KEPCO) as much as the generated electricity.

2. Photovoltaics System - Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV)

- It is a building exterior system that is equipped with solar power generation modules (battery panels) on the exterior walls of buildings, windows, balconies, roofs, etc., to produce electricity and utilize them directly in buildings.

- In the case of existing photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic modules need to be installed on the roof of a building or on a large flat ground, whereas this system requires a separate installation site by building the photovoltaic module itself and utilizing it as exterior wall material, roof material, window material, etc. This can reduce the construction cost.

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