Company Dongil Canvas Engineering Co. Ltd.
Address 1280 Soowolam-ji, Suhtan-myun, Pyungtaek-si, Kyungki-do, Korea
Tel +82-31-664-2641~3 Fax +82-31-664-2644
E-mail dongil2641@naver.com
Homepage canvaskorea.com/eng/main/main.php
Company Introduction

Dongil Canvas Engineering was established in 1991. Over the years, the company specialized in the environmental industry, and made efforts to supply various innovative products through quality system. The company has also acquired an ISO 9001 and an ISO 14001 certification.

Main Products

1. Multi-Disc Dehydrator
  - High performance / highly efficient concentrates
  - Low maintenance & cost efficient
  - Improves operating environment

2. Large Capacity Dispersion/Mixing Dissolving Unit
  - Rapid dilution of split polymer in the initial stage, pump transfer followed by repeated dissolution and storage
  - Reduced dissolution time, pump transfer prevents clots formation
  - Ring Blower type completely solve any clogging problem

3. Fiber Filter
  - High speed filtration allows less equipment space occupancy(filtration speed is approximately 3 times faster than traditional sand filter)
  - Fiber filter media with high porosity has low pressure loss, making it compatible with low lift pump
  - Compact design with built-in control panel and unit cleaning device
  - Water flow stirring method and ultrasonic waves allows unit cleaning
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