Company FT LAB
Address Room 503 ,Haebong-ro 330-8, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel 070-4906-4702 Fax 031-270-7916
E-mail sales@ftlab.co.kr
Homepage www.ftlab.co.kr
Company Introduction

FT LAB was established in 2001, dedicating their expertise for the development of high-level instruments, measuring display and plasma for a decade. Since 2012, the company focused on developing instruments combined with smart sensors, measuring radioactivity and environmentally hazardous substances. In 2014, the company established SMART FTLAB and RADON FTLAB in 2016.

Main Products

1. Radon Sensor & Measuring instrument

- In 2015, developing the world’s first real-time radon sensor

- Capable of forming a radon map, allowing real-time alarm and alarm deactivation after immediate release

- Major application in the monitoring of interior air quality by combining with IOT system

2. Smart Sensor & Measuring instrument 

- World’s first radioactivity and electromagnetic wave sensors attached on smartphones

- Development of sensors that measures temperature, humidity, ultraviolet ray, and visible ray
3. R&D 

- Development of multifactor measuring touch panel device, BMS testing technology for secondary-cell, and LED operation and quality testing technology

- Constant collaboration with private sector R&D and university laboratories

- Currently researching on the development of medical X-ray beam checker and subminiature low voltage multi-gas sensor

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