Company Enbion Inc.
Address 275, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-42-863-8675 Fax +82-42-863-8677
E-mail enbion@enbion.co.kr
Homepage www.enbion.com/index_eng.php
Company Introduction

Founded in 1999, Enbion Inc. specialize in environmental technology, such as VOCs and deodorization technology, solvent recovery, environmentally safe materials and related technology.

Main Products

1. Bio Filter 

 - A method of biologically processing contaminants in water into harmless gas such as CO2 and innocuous salt

 - Economical and eco-friendly treatment process 

 - Maximized gas processing quantity per unit area

2. Ceramic Deodorant

 - Excellent at eliminating stench and VOCs

 - No hazardous heavy metals by products

 - High antibacterial property with indoor humidity control


 - High efficiency energy conserving equipment that combust VOCs and stench at high temperature and use the calorie produced as heat storage materials

 - Consistent burning efficiency with more than 95% heat recovery rate of heat storage material and more than 98% treatment efficiency of VOCs

 - Compact size with small sealing area and simple rotor structure that makes replacement easy and maintenance unnecessary
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