Company Aurora Design Lab
Address #B-803, #B-910, Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center, 70 Dusan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08584, Korea
Tel +82-50-5552-0005 Fax +82-2-866-0005
Homepage www.auroradesignlab.com
Company Introduction

 ENC Korea was established in 2007.  It focuses its business on LED lighting, volume-rate food waste disposal equipment, and energy efficient solutions for IT-based ubiquitous products. Over the years, the company has registered 14 patents, including a remote network intelligent home network awareness service system and variable LED lighting system

 Main Production

 1. Smart Garbage System

 - Complements the problems with previous designs for garbage system and compatible with previous models of garbage system

 - Mobile for easy transport

 - Higher capacity and lighter weight

 - User-friendly design and minimal space requirement

 - Light but strong exterior structure

 - Various payment methods

 2. LED Dimming Switch Module
 The product uses intelligent sensor to automatically dim lighting conditions for certain place, time with specific lighting requirements. It significantly saves energy by automatically controlling brightness according to outdoor lighting and maintains a minimum brightness level based on detected movements. 

 - Significantly saves electricity in parking lot by 89% and in office spaces by 50%

 - Free of mercury and heavy metals

 - Remote controlled system requires no need for wiring installation
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