Company EPS EnE
Address 415, Heungan-daero Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 31-478-5625 Fax +82 31-478-5656
E-mail jhjang@eps-ene.co.kr
Homepage www.eps-ene.co.kr
Introduction Company Introduction

EPS EnE Inc. was established in 2012. Since then, the company worked hard to develop core technologies in the field of water environmental resources. EPS EnE currently possesses the most number of design & system buildup record in the country related to the TK and the BTL operations. Moreover, the company provides a 'Sewer Optimal Maintenance Administration System (OMAS) which is essential for every BTL sewage business operations. The company has also acquired a ISO 9001 and a ISO 14001 certification. 

Main Products

1. Water-reuse water treatment system (ABR method)

- Water treatment system that directs waste through a stationary bio-filter

- Advanced Bio Reactor (ABR) allows a more stable maintenance

- Initial investment cost reduced by 50% and maintenance cost reduced by 70%

2. Ecologically engineered water treatment system

- Water treatment system that uses ecological agents such as plants

- Plant's roots absorbs pollutants (nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metal, etc.) and are naturally decomposed

- Applicable for ponds, reservoirs and river systems to prevent algal bloom

3. Sewer optimal maintenance administration system (STEP-OMAS)

- A Web-based integrated sewer operation system linked to a DB network

- Allows effective operation & maintenance

- Saves operational and maintenance costs
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