Company P&I Human Korea Inc.
Address 167, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 2-6426-3122 Fax +82 2-6426-3124
E-mail pnihumankorea@hanmail.net
Homepage www.pnihuman.com
Company Introduction

Established in 2005, P&I Human Korea Inc. specializes in the development of innovative and eco-friendly radial filtration systems. In 2014, P&I Human Korea Inc. was certified as a techno-innovative SME Innobiz. And also acquired an ISO 9001 certification

Main Products

1. P&I Curtain Wall

- Creates a radial-shaped flow originating from the center of the chamber directed towards the edge and pollutants are treated by incorporating different materials at each section of the chamber

- Simple structure, economical, convenient and easy maintenance

- Automatic maintenance allows continuous uninterrupted operations

2. Green Shell

- Treats various kinds of nonpoint pollutants with coarse and fine screen

- Outstanding simultaneous removal of precipitable & floating waste

- Low-priced relative to its handling capacity

3. Green City

- A filter system consists of a primary, secondary screen and a filter media that sifts impurities 

- Filter media is vertically arranged in multiple layers, significantly reducing the probability of  clogging

- Replaceable filter media enables simple maintenance and cleaning the filter lengthens the filter lifespan
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