Company Dongbu ENT Co.,Ltd
Address 432, Jimun-ro, Wongok-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Repuvlic of Korea
Tel +82 31-656-1822 Fax +82 31-657-1822
E-mail dongbuent@naver.com
Homepage www.dongbuent.kr
Company Introduction

Dongbu ENT Co.,Ltd was established in 1996 focusing in the business of construction waste collection & transport. Dongbu ENT Co.,Ltd upholds the preservation of natural resources by applying intermediate treatment to construction waste before proceeding to collect and transport the product. Dongbu ENT Co.,Ltd produces fine recycled aggregates which are highly recognized for its quality and innovative manufacturing technology. Lastly, Dongbu ENT Co.,Ltd works hard to develop new environmental technology in order to contribute to environmental preservation, in line with the government’s policy to encourage the growth of green industry

Main Product

 1. Production of recycled aggregate

 - An eco-friendly aggregate made from recycled products that is used for roadworks, construction, mounding for landfills, and molding for upgrading farmland area

 - Applies the latest technology in the treatment process of construction waste, producing high quality recycled aggregate with high density and low absorption rate

 - Possesses technology for manufacturing recycled aggregates for dry concrete using a combined grinding device installed with a multi-rotating body and a bump-type liner 

2. Intermediate treatment of construction waste 

 - Conserves natural resources and reduce costs, by effectively recycling construction waste 

 - A low cost eco-friendly system with dry process that does not require water, hence producing zero pollutants and sludge

3. Construction waste collection & transport

 - Possess 40 units of transport vehicles on stand-by for the collection & transport of waste
- Capable of collecting & transporting at least 3,500 tons of waste per day
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