Company AU
Address 74, Samgye 3-gil, Cheongbuk-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-70-4707-4669 Fax +82-70-7007-5330
Homepage www.au.co.kr
Company Introduction

AU stands for Alchemist Union which directly refers to a group of experts in plastics and polymers. Currently, AU focuses on R&D and the promotion of alternative eco-friendly bio-plastics. AU is an eco-friendly green company that manufactures various plastic packaging materials and household items using plant biomass, such as plastic bag, shopping bag, rollback, sanitary bag, and sanitary glovee etc.

Main Product

1. Ecolau-G Poly GREEN

- Excellent Physical Property

- Breakdown process relies entirely on sunlight and microorganism 
(High speed and guaranteed breakdown)

- 100% recyclable

- Shopping bag, garbage bag, agricultural film, industrial package material

 2. Ecolau-G PP GREEN

- Environment friendly product that can be broken down naturally

- 100% recyclable

- Can be stored and preserved without the loss or breakdown of physical properties 

- General goods, food package, laminating, and industrial package material

 3. Ecolau-G Enviro GREEN

- Maintains freshness and possess anti-bacterial properties

- Eco-friendly product and is naturally degradable

- Highly selective permeability properties

- Can be used as a long-term food packaging for fish, meat, vegetable, floral packaging and as a transparent package for general goods
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