Company Nature & Future Co.
Address Muok-ro 359, Osan-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel +82-61-363-8486 Fax +82-61-363-8489
Homepage www.nfagro.co.kr
Company Introduction

Nature & Future Co. focuses on producing eco-friendly organic pest repellent and functional nutritional botanical supplements. The company’s R&D focuses on eco-friendly organic biologics using bio-technology applied to materials extracted from crude plants, native microbes, and EM(Effective Microorganism). It has now became a leading company in the field of developing invasive foreign pest repellent and other eco-friendly pest control products. The company is in the stage of turning into a strong global venture business, and expansion to foreign markets such as China, other Asian nations, Middle East and South America

Main Product

1. Eco-friendly organic agricultural materials

- Eco-friendly product using natural pest repelling materials extracted from plants

- Fast and long lasting effects through the multiple actions of natural repellent

- Effective pest control products, non-lethal to humans, animals and the environment 

2. Eco-friendly herbicide

- Effective in eliminating weeds, soil sterilization, paddy field pest (sterilization, pest repelling) and easy to use, preserve and relocate through one-touch method

- Sterilizes soil and repels pest by instantaneous burning with high degree flame

3. Natural deodorization & repellent

- Contains natural plant oil with great pest repelling and deodorization properties

- Effective deodorizing effects on lethal gas including ammonia gas 

- Non-lethal to humans and eco-friendly with complete decomposition down to zero levels 

- 30 minutes after the release of ammonia gas, shows 99.6% of high deodorizing performance
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