Company DAEJI Development Co., Ltd.
Address 9 Sindaebang 16da-gil Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 2-832-3500 Fax +82 2-844-6012
E-mail daeji@lifesoil.co.kr
Homepage www.lifesoil.co.kr
Company Introduction

DAEJI Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981 and acquired an invention patent. The company specializes in landscaping projects and the manufacturing of organic fertilizers. The company is leading the technological development in the tree transplant industry with its successful transplants of large trees. The company is also one of the leading chemical-free organic fertilizer businesses in the country.

Main Product

1. Organic Fertilizer

- Maximizes topdressing efficiency by continuously providing selective nutrients depending on the crop’s requirement

- Enhances the growth of red algae and photosynthetic bacteria

- Effectively purifies air and water by preventing chemical fertilizer damage and pesticide contamination with its adsorptive power, air permeability and filtration function

- Produces a buffer effect on the soil through the prevention of heavy metal contamination, pH control, and salt damage prevention 

- Prevents leaves from withering and ground water acidification as a result of acid rain

2. Landscaping

- Transplant of gingko, pine, zelkova, and other protected tall trees

- Landscaping maintenance intended for homestead garden, children's park, neighborhood park, golf courses, community park, and street trees

- To prevent pest insects in causing tree trunks, sunscald and skin/bark damage, a green burlap bag wraped around the tree trunk is used during transport

- During summer season when there’s little precipitation and available soil water, or in the absence of rain for over a month, watering is performed using underground water and/or tap water
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