Company GT Scien Co., Ltd.
Address Hansin Smeca No.222, 65, Techno 3-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-42-936-4520 Fax +82-42-621-2892
Homepage www.gtscien.com
Company Introduction

GTScien is the leading manufacturer of equipment for inspection, measurement and analysis of scientific and research equipment material. It provides integrated laboratory EHS solution using purification technology for toxic gases  and IoT-based Environmental Health and Safety(EHS) management platform. It established corporations in Shanghai(China), Hanoi(Vietnam), and Tsukuba(Japan) and puts continuous effort to ensure a safe laboratory working environment

Main Product

1. IoT Completely Closed Reagent Storage TOGA® Safe Smart

- Maintains temperature for each compartment using two vacuum fans and an internally circulating fan

- Remove toxic gases inside the reagent compartment using an internationally patented TOGA® filters with circulating cold air

- Real-time reagent management and monitoring through the application of IoT technology

- No harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides and ozone produced

2. TOGA® Puri Intelligent Portable

- Rapidly and efficiently removes toxic gases before it diffuses using internationally patented TOGA® filters

- 360° rotatable flexible arm

- Chemical-resistant motor with strong vacuum power

- VOC Sensor that monitors indoor air pollution level and automatically adjusts fan speed in 5 stages to ensure a safe indoor environment

- Presetting function allow efficient operation
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