Company ADD Well-being Tech Co., Ltd
Address 4th FL EJ Bilding, 82-1, Hangangro-2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-2-790-8802 Fax +82-2-795-6703
Homepage www.addwellbeing.co.kr
Company Introduction

Add Well-being Tech Sales Co., Ltd. is a residential infrastructure materials manufacturer specializing in the traditional Korean residential culture called Ondol, to the world and developing technologies that can significantly reduce heating costs. Well-being Tech Sales Co., strives to develop products that are environmentally safe, simple, longer lasting and economical. It developed Korea’s most efficient dry floor heating technology using low energy and low carbon emissions from certified ecologically safe building materials

Main Product

1. Hiton Black
- A floor heating system with a carbon-emission reducing function. The first of its kind to receive a green certification from the Ministry of Environment   
- Does not need the cement curing so it is possible to install even during winter or rainy season
- Can saves energy and heating costs by improving heat-efficiency by more than 40%
- High resistance to freeze-thaw and ground vibration and free from thermal deformation
- Does not need the removal of the floor during remodeling, thus generating no construction waste

2. H-Sori Zero (Soundproofing Floors Panel Gaps)
- Applicable to renewable energy (geothermal) heating
- Use pollution-free, toxic-free material
- Blocks penetration by moisture, dust, cold air, odor
- Reusable
- high-load resistance allows longer lasting structural stability, no discoloration and deformation due to moisture 
- Excellent vibration and soundproofing functions applicable for between apartment floors

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