Company Taeheung Fertilizer & Global
Address 29, Sohyang-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-2-2611-0810 Fax +82-2-2611-0833
Homepage www.treefertilizer.com
Company Introduction

TAEHEUNG Fertilizer & Global is Korea’s first and only landscape tree fertilizer specialist company. The business grew along with the development of Korean landscape industry since its foundation in 1999. It acquired various certifications and patents such as green certification and Fertilizer of Geo-pipe type using corn starch. For the past decade, it has formed a strong partnership with the Korea Forest Service and the National Forestry Cooperative Federation for the promotion and the growth of biologically rich forests

 Main Product

1. High-quality Spike type fertilizer for tree use
- Contains ingredients necessary for tree growth
- Easily permeates soil, making roots stronger and healthier
- Contains potassium sulfate making tree leaves greener and flowers more vividly colorful 
- Applicable for locations that are difficult to dig or apply fertilizer due to high density shrub
- Eco-friendly fertilizer

2. Effective 60
- Fertilizer for with both complex and organic components containing 25-30% water soluble organics, and 30-35 water-insoluble organics
- high organic content volume remains longer and accessible in the soil in turn  nourishes the latter growth of tree 
- Improve biological and physical properties of the soil due to high organic content
- 2.0~2.5mm particle size, high absorption rate
- Eco-friendly fertilizer

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