Company EcoWin
Address 42713 62, Seongseogongdan-ro 11-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-53-582-0321 Fax +82-53-582-0320
Homepage www.eco-win.kr
Company Introduction

EcoWin is an R&D, manufacturing, and distributing company for eco-friendly bio-pesticides, established in 2008. EcoWin exerts continuous efforts to develop environmentally safe materials based on green-bio technology. Over the years, the company has acquired green technology, green company, and green product certification. The main products of the company are bio-pesticide, regular pesticide, fungicide and soil conditioner. EcoWin is committed to becoming the leading company in environmentally safe agricultural products and brands by focusing in the continuous technological development for their manufacturing processes

Main Production

1. Bio-pesticide
- Pollution free bio-pesticide, good substitute for chemical pesticides 
- Safe for non-specific pests, crops, and the environment 
- Received an EPA exemption from registration
- Searches and eliminates larvae within 24-48 hours after application

2. Pesticide
- Do not leave pesticide residue, can be applied prior to harvest
- Made of natural plant extract and essential plant oils, applicable for eco-friendly or organic farming
- Harmless to human, animal and environment

3. Fungicide
- Do not leave pesticide residue, can be applied prior to harvest
- Excellent repelling ability allows excellenet crop protection
- Eco-friendly plant growth supplements made from essential plant oil
- Pesticide breaks into water and oxygen after fungicidal action 
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