Company RITCO
Address 63 Nonhyeon-ro 63-gil, Gangnam-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-2-2009-1800 Fax +82-2-567-5082
Homepage www.ritco.co.kr
Company Introduction

RITCO(Royal Industrial Tech Corp) is a comprehensive solution provider of advanced technologies in the field of infrastructure and industrial facilities for the improvement of living standards. RITCO is engaged in the development andapplication of environmental and safety technology systems for industrial plants, roads, tunnels, subways, railways and other fields 

Main Production

1. Air Purification: Electrostatic Precipitation System
- Applied in tunnels, underground facilities, and HVAC system for the removal of fine dusts and harmful gases
- Field of application: metro stations & road tunnels, underground facilities, mining sites and high-rise buildings

2. Ventilation Systems
- Facilities requiring controlled ventilation and dust filtering based on required or optimal air quality
- Field of application: buildings, road & railroad tunnels, underground facilities, industrial plants

3. Emission Gas Monitoring System
- Measurement system for environmental pollution and process efficiency
- Field of application: incineration facilities, power plants and industrial plants, chemical and cement plants, boiler burner control systems, steel plants, EP, FGD, SCR controls

4. Automated Waste Collection System
- Establishment of an efficient automatic waste collection system based on the integrated RITCO system
- Field of application: apartments, hospitals, hotels, business centers